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Candace Cotton is a junior at Weeping Willow High School and Violet's second victim. She drowned while on vacation and when her body was found, it was nearly unrecognizable.

Light as Feather, Stiff as a BoardEdit

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Physical AppearanceEdit

In the book, Candace is described as tall and blond. She's not as clasically pretty as Olivia, but she has tons of confidence and boys adore her. 


Candace's boyfriend is Isaac, who's on the football team. She's best friends with Olivia and Mischa at the start of the book, and becomes close friends with McKenna Brady when they're the first to suspect Violet Simmons is up to no good after Olivia's 16th birthday party.

She has two half-brothers who live wih her father in Green Bay, and a half-sister named Julia.


Candace's mother works at the mall in Ortonville. 

Candace was busted kissing Isaac behind the bleachers in sophomore year by Coach Stirling.